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Have you ever felt uncomfortable when you came out of the bathroom with wet feet?

I recommend a rug to dry your feet dry while creating a warm atmosphere.

The shape is up and down, so it’s soft, and if you absorb the water quickly and take a step, your wet feet will dry up quickly.

The rug that 23,000 orders and 3,600 reviews acknowledge!

There are eight colors in two sizes, 40x60cm and 50x80cm, so choose according to your preference!


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Window frame cleaning tools

The window frame is one of the areas that I don’t decide to clean easily as it’s difficult to clean.

The product I’m introducing uses a sponge and handle together to wipe off the narrow area of the window frame easily and quickly without making your hands dirty.

It is prepared in three colors, and the handle is 8.5 centimeters wide and 6 centimeters long, and the width of the sponge is 13.5 centimeters long, which is plenty.

It’s made of scrubber, so you can wash it with water after cleaning, so it’s easy to use and manage, right?

Even if it’s not a window frame, you can use it anywhere, such as a bathroom or kitchen, so use it here and there!


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A lint remover

I recommend a lint remover that sweeps away all dust from the fiber.

Not only the lint on the clothes, but also the fur or blankets of pets will be removed.

If you lightly sweep it, it’ll be clean without any damage, so you don’t have to worry about using it on your favorite clothes, right?



Waterproof repair tape

It’s a bathroom in a humid place all year round.

No matter how clean it is, water stains and mold easily bloom in every part of the water.

For those who are tired of repeated cleaning, I recommend waterproof repair stickers!

Even if it’s not in the bathroom, just stick it on the gaps or corners where the water gathers well, and you’re done worrying!

There are white, brown, gray, and beige colors.

It’s a PVC material that’s resistant to water and mold, so you’re more relieved, right?


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If you’re busy in the morning, and if you’re tired in the evening, you keep delaying organizing your drawers,

Let me introduce the organizer to help you organize in the drawer.

Especially, it’s a good product to organize underwear and socks.

It is easy to wash with water in case of contamination.

The size is the same at 32 centimeters long, but it comes in two sizes: 32 centimeters wide and 12 centimeters wide.

There are five different colors, so buy it according to your preference!


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Today, we prepared the best 5 living items of AliExpress.

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