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Today, we selected the best 5 Bluetooth earphone of AliExpress.


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QCY’s Bluetooth earphones

Four microphones reduce noise and make the sound quality clean.

The connection is also stable with the latest Bluetooth 5.1 chip.

If you install an exclusive QCY app, you can pair easily and quickly and check the device status.

If you charge it for 5 minutes, you can listen to it for an hour. It’s so convenient, right?


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Lenovo’s Bluetooth earphones

Lenovo’s earphones, which last 12 hours if you charge only 1.5 hours, have a larger speaker inside than other low-end models, so the sound quality is good.

Even if the sound quality is a gangster, the weight is too light, so it’s only 25g.

Soft touch control is basic and it’s waterproof, right?

For those who are sick or looking for light earphones for exercise, I recommend this!

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RFMicron’s Bluetooth earphones

If you are disappointed that the performance is so good but the colors are not diverse, listen carefully.

There are 8 kinds prepared!

It is button-type to operate, so I recommend it to those who are not familiar with touch control.

In addition, the LED lights in the case intuitively show how much battery is left, so I don’t think I’ll miss the timing to charge it.


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ANKER’s Bluetoothearphones

Sometimes, I don’t use earphones on both sides.

Only one pair of these earphones can be paired and used, saving batteries.

You can listen to it for up to 32 hours with 8 hours charged!

In addition, you can choose from three different modes: signature mode, base booster mode, and podcast mode, so it will be useful for those who usually enjoy music!


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Edifier’s Bluetooth earphones

The latest Bluetooth chipset is basic. Waterproof and fast charging!

Also, you can use earphones for 12 hours and case for 30 hours when fully charged, so there’s no need for battery, right?

In addition, noise cancelling is perfect, so I recommend it to those who study all day long and come and go with earphones!


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Today, I prepared the best 5 Bluetooth earphones of AliExpress.

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